Ed Malles for Justice Of the Peace in North Mesa Arizona

A bit of background about me, for those in our community who may not know me…

I was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1958, and lived there until 6th grade. Between 6th and 7th grade we moved to the northern suburbs to escape gang activity that started in our old neighborhood. I was very lucky I had an uncle who lived in Wilmette, Illinois. He was able to allow us to rent a “mother-in-law” cottage on his property. We actually lived on Lake Michigan!

I graduated from New Trier East High School in 1976, which was a remarkable Institution! After graduation, I attended one year of the architecture program at the University of Illinois, Circle Campus, then moved to Arizona. In August of 1979, I started the architecture program at Arizona State University. A year later I came down with a severe case of valley fever and had to drop out of school for a year and a half. I then returned to the architecture program and graduated with a class that was two years later than the one I started with.

What is important to point out here is, despite the hardships of being sick for nearly two years, I persisted, eventually graduating. The gentleman I’m running against attended some college classes but never graduated. An architecture degree is difficult to obtain. It is a degree that prepares one for life’s challenges as it is a multi-disciplinary degree with an emphasis on problem-solving.

I graduated in the winter of 1985 during the height of the savings & loan scandal here in Arizona. It was a difficult time to be a graduate in architecture. It took me a while to find employment, and I ended up with an interesting job as a Tenant Improvement Coordinator with Gosnell Development. They were the developers who built all of the Pointe Resorts here in the Valley. The two offices I occupied were at two different Pointe Resorts.

After working for Gosnell development for a few years I tried my hand at Commercial Real Estate. Arizona was still in the throes of the economic turndown, so it was a difficult time to be in commercial real estate as well.

I got married to the former Virginia Stewart of Mesa in 1990. She was a 1977 graduate of Westwood High School.

In 1992 I ran unsuccessfully for justice of the peace against Russell Pearce, who was such a gentleman, that he turned around and supported me four years later when I ran for a constable and won.

In the four years between when I lost as justice of the peace and won as constable I ended up working as a facility manager for Tom Horne who ended up eventually being our attorney general for Arizona.

I first became the Constable for the North Mesa Justice Court in 1997, 24 years ago, after being elected in a three-way race.

Four years later when I ran for re-election, I was blindsided by the number of people who voted via mail-in ballots. I ended up losing by 330 votes in a three-way race. There also was some vote-splitting as one of the three candidates lived in my neighborhood.

I was out of office again for 4 years and worked again for Tom Horne doing facility management. He was happy to have me back, but I was chomping at the bit to run for constable again.

It has been said you learn more from losing an election than you do from winning an election! Four years later I ran for Constable again against the gentleman who had beat me originally in 2000. Because I was now familiar with early voting I was able to readjust my strategy and ended up beating that candidate by 3300 votes, 71% to 29%. It was astounding to many that I was able to beat an incumbent by that large of a margin!

I started office as Constable again in January of 2005. It was remarkable how much society had changed in just four years. The frequency of methamphetamine use in my precinct really surprised me.

I have now been the Constable of the North Mesa Justice Court continuously for 16 years. During my 20 years altogether as Constable, I have served somewhere between 11 and 12 thousand eviction orders, upwards of 1,000 protective orders, and all told, close to 20,000 total orders from various courts, both in Arizona and from across the country.

During my time in office, I have been fortunate to have served as Constable under two quite exemplary elected justices of the Peace. I have served Lester Pearce for nearly twelve years, and Cecil Ash for nearly seven years.

Ed Malles for Justice Of the Peace in North Mesa Arizona

Cecil Ash retired early at the end of August of 2019. The Maricopa County Supervisors were then tasked with appointing a temporary Justice of the Peace to fill out judge Ash’s term in office. I applied for the position and came in a close second out of the 8 gentlemen who applied. Appointing me to Justice of the Peace would have been problematic as the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors would have had to turn around and go through a similar appointment process for a new constable.

I’m running against the gentleman who was appointed to fill out judge Ash’s term in office. Coincidentally, this gentleman was appointed Justice of the Peace unilaterally by Don Stapley in 2012 when Lester Pearce retired early to run for the Board of Supervisors. I say unilaterally as he was appointed without any selection process whatsoever. He was simply appointed because he knew Don Stapley.

Anyone who has known me over the years knows that I bristle at the politics that is often involved in the appointment process. The gentleman who was appointed has had little passion for the justice court system over the years! As he said to me in 2012, when he announced he was going to run against me for Constable and before being appointed Justice of the Peace, he simply “needed a job and a retirement!”

So here I am running for justice of the peace 28 years after I initially ran for Justice of the Peace! I have run for political office in the North Mesa Justice Court continually every four years since the court was created. I believe in the Justice Court System, and believe that it is one of the last vestiges of self-government that we have in this country.

I have been honored to have served as your Constable for nearly 20 years. At times I have felt like a superhero during the execution of my duties as Constable, in that I have been able to help people in distress! I am running for Justice of the Peace 28 years later, with 20 years of experience as the Constable for the North Mesa Justice Court. I have a lot to offer the justice system, as I have learned from the nearly 20,000 services that I have worked on over the years!

I’m well known for being a grassroots campaigner, traveling around the North Mesa Justice Precinct every four years on my mountain bike. I have had thousands upon thousands of conversations with constituents over the years about the importance of the Justice Court System. From the multitude of conversations I’ve had, I have learned what you, the voter, have come to expect in service to the community!

I ask that you kindly consider me for justice of the peace this August 4th in the Republican primary!

Thank you,
Ed Malles

“Over time I have come to trust that, no matter the circumstances, Ed would always handle the situation carefully and with deference to all parties involved.”

— Honorable Cecil P. Ash,
North Mesa Justice of the Peace