Early on in my career, Bill Taylor, my “mentor constable”, was having a hard time serving a small claims summons and complaint on a guy. He’d made numerous unsuccessful attempts and asked me to help. I was eager to help him because he’d worked tirelessly to train me before I even took office.

That’s another point I want to make here. If you all elect me JP on August 4th, I’m going to spend the next five months getting ready to be the JP.

We came up with a plan where I would go up to the door at night, in a white raggedy t-shirt, carrying a pizza box. The idea was that I would look like a pizza delivery guy who was simply at the wrong house. It worked! It worked all too well, and the defendant didn’t appreciate what I’d done very much.

I turned and walked away, with my back facing him. I was about twenty paces away when I good-sized rock whizzed past my head. This was early on in my career, and I hadn’t even been issued a cell phone yet. I actually had to drive to a payphone to call the police, but there wasn’t much they could do.

I never forgot that lesson, which was the first of many!

— Ed Malles