Ed Malles for Justice Of The Peace North Mesa ArizonaI have campaigned door-to-door many times throughout the North Mesa Justice Precinct. Every four years for the last 28 years in fact.

It has been a great honor to have met many of you, and I have greatly appreciated your time!

Many times, especially at the end of the night, those conversations have been quite lengthy. Often those conversations would involve what I did in my duties as your constable. Many times I would get feedback from you all about how you felt about a particular action or situation I was involved with. Over time I’ve come to understand what you, the voter, have come to expect.

I cannot express to you all how significant this feedback has been in the performance of my duties. I can express those sentiments simply by saying that you all believe in personal responsibility!

While not often, I have had contact occasionally in the line of duty with those whose doors I have been at previously.

In one particular case, I found that I had an eviction order for a family where I had had one of those long conversations a few years previous, at the end of the campaign day. They were very gracious about it, and said that they would vote for me again, had they had the chance.

Along the way, many of you have become “campaign friends.” A campaign friend is someone who I’ve gotten to know only from campaigning, where every 4 years we catch up with one another’s lives.

You’d be surprised and how many times I will be coming down a street, or turning a corner, and instantly recognize a residence where I know someone.

Sadly, over the years, I have been heartbroken to discover that my campaign friends have moved, or moved on. It’s particularly sad when someone I’ve known for a long time has passed away. This year there have been a number of spouses who have broken that news to me at the door. In two different instances, I have prayed with the widows of the husbands I have known.

As I was literally writing this piece I received a call from a gentleman whom I had missed at the door. He’s 90 years of age and lost his wife four years ago. They had been married for 64 years! During that time he had served our country in the armed services for 20 years!

I have also prayed this year with two constituents who we’re going through cancer treatments at the time I was at their door.

I have met people who were a hundred years old, and those who were just turning 18, and voting for the first time.

In the last year, I evicted a gentleman who had remembered me as a candidate coming to his family’s door as a child.

The last thing I’d like to say about the people that I’ve met along the way is my observation of the remarkable spirit of many of you as you have aged in life, and of your good natures!

Thank you for your kindness, and consideration, over the years when I have arrived at your door!

— Ed Malles