As I’ve campaigned door-to-door this election season, I’ve been struck by the different ways COVID-19 has affected people, as well as the different ways it’s altered our lives. I literally have hundreds of COVID-19 stories, and some of them are personal.

My children lost their grandmother, on their mother’s side, to COVID-19 just this last Mother’s Day. She was in a nursing home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This was especially sad for them because they lost their mother four years ago. Just today (June 14th, 2020), I found out that the nursing home, where my mother’s husband resides, now has a number of COVID cases.

I’ve met people along the way who had family members who were afflicted with or recovered from COVID. One family had lost a relative who’d been a long-time police officer for LAPD.

And then there are the stories of how COVID has affected people’s lives. Lost jobs obviously, but also people who were now busier than ever. One gentleman was involved with a construction project at Sky Harbor Airport. Because hardly anyone was flying they had ramped up the construction schedule because they could now shut down certain parts of the airport.

While out campaigning one day, I was delighted to witness a “drive-by” party for a Mormon Elder, who had returned home early from his mission. And then, at an attorney’s home, I saw the remnants of chalk arrows in the cul de sac, leftover from the “drive-by” bridal shower that had been held for his daughter.

So much has changed for everyone!

Without a doubt, this has been the most memorable campaign season I’ve ever spent. It has been an honor to have been as well-received (from afar) as I have been by so many of you.


– Ed Malles