This blog post has lots of interesting elements to it. A super great Mesa PD officer, my kindness to animals, bad guys, and the diligence of Mesa Animal Control, all wrapped up into one story.

There is about one Mesa PD officer who I just adore! This guy is so proactive, as to not be believed! One time I asked him if he could round up some officers to stand by while I evicted three apartments of a four-plex, with lots of drug activity. They were early; by the time I got there, they had three handcuffed, sitting on the curb in custody already!

Another time we were in a mobile home park together finishing up an eviction at a drug house. We were outside when a station wagon drove by. The driver tried to slide down the seat, so as to be less obvious, but it was SO much more obvious. This was in the early days. This officer ran to his car and pulled out a three-ring binder and flipped through photographs. When he found hers he announced: “gotta fly!” A while later I drove by the Southwest corner of Gilbert Rd and Broadway and saw him, with that station wagon stopped, and another three marked units.

Start at the beginning…

It was at that very same mobile home park that this story started. This officer often knows about eviction orders coming up before I do because he talks with managers about problems they’re having. He wanted to be in on this eviction, so we met there early in the morning. The eviction went well, nobody had any outstanding warrants. But what they did have, was a lot of cats and dogs, and not enough animal carriers. I lived nearby, so I went home and got my largest animal carrier, and lent it to him. I borrowed a sharpie from the officer and wrote my name and cell phone number on top of the carrier, so he could return it to me. He never did return it, BUT it still go back to me, and, as Paul Harvey used to say, “this is the rest of the story”.

About a week later this officer calls me and says: “you’re not going to believe this…”. Now, I love these stories!!! The guy I evicted had gone to one of the big box stores to steal electronics, which he would then turn around, and immediately return. He was caught by store security, who then called Mesa PD. Coincidentally, this very same officer responded to the store. Can you imagine the conversation the two of them had?!? This officer KNEW he was a bad guy!

Crate a mess!

This guy was headed to jail, but all his animals were crammed into animal carriers inside his vehicle, including mine. Animal control had to come out to help with all the animals. I got a call from them later that week, telling me they had my carrier, but it had been a real mess, so they cleaned it up for me! I had to travel to their surplus yard to pick it up finally.

And that’s the story of the dog crate.

I guess it’s an example of how I think outside the box… er, crate!

— Ed Malles