Not very often, but occasionally I have to crawl through a window to get inside a residence.

This can be because the tenant has changed the locks, the landlord has lost the key, but in a few cases, it’s because the tenant ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY does not want anybody inside!

As an aside, it was easier to crawl through windows when I was younger, and now that I’ve gotten older it’s become more difficult. Luckily, these two stories I’m about to tell took place when I was younger, much younger, when marijuana was a lot more illegal. No political statement here, just a fact of life.

In both cases, the apartments in question were on the ground floor, and the other thing they had in common was that they were both incredibly dark. Both units were occupied by drug dealers, and apparently they liked living in the dark. “Creatures of the Night”, we like to say.

Obviously, in both cases, I called Mesa PD for backup to which they responded very quickly! It was a strange feeling to be inside a crime scene, all the while knowing that all heck was about to break loose!

In one of the evictions, there was a card table stacked neatly with baggies of marijuana! This was the most marijuana I’ve ever seen with my own eyes!

In both cases, I did not meet the people that I was evicting. I’m certain they didn’t want to meet me, and probably never returned for their belongings!

I should point out how incredibly scary it was to be standing in these two apartments waiting for PD to arrive. I remember in one of the cases I was too scared to even move through the apartment I had just entered and waited for backup to arrive.

— Ed Malles