Hello! First and foremost, I want to be abundantly clear that I am currently not a judge, but I want to be YOUR judge for North Mesa.

I initially ran for Justice of the Peace 28 years ago, in 1992. Since then, many of you have gotten to know me because of my campaigning every four years door-to-door throughout the entire precinct on my mountain bike. Hence, “Judge on Wheels”.

But wait, there’s more! If I’m fortunate enough to be elected YOUR Justice of the Peace, one of the duties I would look forward to would be marrying people. Some of my greatest joy in this world comes from backpacking and fly fishing in wilderness areas. If elected, I’ll look forward to making myself available to perform weddings for people in out-of-the-way places.

Again, YOUR “Judge On Wheels”!

Most of you know me as Constable Ed – “The GOOD GUY ON THE BIKE”. I’ve been the Republican Constable of the North Mesa Justice Court for 15 years, and I’m running for Justice of the Peace in North Mesa, Arizona. I would be honored to have your vote on August 4, 2020.

I hope you never need to use the services of your local justice court, but if you do, it’s important to have good people there. As a Constable, the majority of what I do is evictions from rental properties in our community. I also serve protective orders and various papers for people to attend court. I may sometimes seize property but only with a court order.

Justice courts have criminal jurisdiction over:

• Petty offenses and misdemeanors.
• Assault or battery — less serious offenses not committed on a public officer while performing his or her duties.
• Breaches of peace and committing a willful injury to property.
• Misdemeanors and criminal offenses punishable by fines not more than $2,500, imprisonment in county jail not to exceed six months, or both fine and imprisonment.
• Lawsuits up to $10,000.

Learn more about these jurisdictions and qualifications for a Justice of the Peace in Arizona at azcourts.gov.

Ed Malles for Justice Of the Peace in North Mesa Arizona

What people say about Ed

“I believe Ed would be an asset to the Court system as the Justice Of The Peace of the North Mesa Justice Court. I believe he would be firm and fair in dealing with the public.”

– Joe Russell, former Hearing Officer 2005 – 2015

More About Ed

Your Constable.
Your Justice Of The Peace.

As JP, my only interest is fairness and justice for the citizens of Mesa. Integrity is the most important attribute of a JP. It is vital that the JP remain faithful to the principles of good government by maintaining a fair and impartial court. Only then can every citizen have faith in the integrity of the judicial system.

In the mid-1990s, Maricopa County allowed mail-in voter registration. I supported that effort to encourage new voters by hanging registration forms on my campaign signs. Fast-forward to today: voter registration can be updated by mail or online, but it must be done prior to the deadlines on the elections calendar. This is important, especially in these times when travel may be challenging.

Continue to make a difference. Allow your voice to be heard on Arizona Primary Day, Tuesday, August 4.

Thank you for stopping by on Tuesday evening before 8. I couldn’t see you very well in the dark and when you said your name I thought you said “Mallace”, which is the name of a doctor I have seen for years. When I read your letter I saw your name and remembered you at once. I remember meeting you and voting for you. It is so admirable that in these crazy times that you still travel around your precinct to talk with your constituents. And knowing Steve for many years and caring about his health makes us more determined to give you our support. In case you didn’t get the name of the condition Steve was afflicted with, it is Guillain-Barre´ Syndrome. Be assured that you will continue to receive our votes. You have our support.

God keep you and your family—especially your Mother—safe and healthy. Thanks again for stopping in to talk to us.

— Steve and Sherry

Ed Malles has served as a Constable in Maricopa County for many years. Constable Malles is passionate about serving the citizens of Maricopa County with the utmost respect and has been a leader in working with other Constables in helping them succeed to be the best they can be in serving and assisting the community.

Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration.

— Steve Chucri, District 2, Maricopa County Supervisor

Ed Malles’ Background

Architect; Commercial Real Estate Broker
1986 – 1992

Business Consultant
1989 – 1996

1997 – 2000
2005 – Present