Sadly, when people are evicted, they often abandon their animals.

I work closely with Mesa Animal Control, and am grateful, beyond words, for their service to our community! They are an incredibly dedicated group of individuals!

I have literally hundreds of animal rescue stories but will choose one, one that I actually have some video of.

This eviction happened on Pepper Circle, which is important to the story.

I met a property manager at a fourplex one day to do an eviction. We were horrified to find a number of barking dogs that had been abandoned inside an apartment.

I lived not far away and went home to get dog food and water. The video the property manager took shows me blocking the door with a cardboard box, before opening the door. I then proceeded to place a plastic pail of dog food, and one of water inside this unit by reaching over the cardboard box.

The video of the dogs’ reactions to being fed is heartbreaking!

We could hear more dogs upstairs on the second floor, but at the time I couldn’t get to them. I met Animal Control out at the property the next day and we began the process of collecting the dogs, 14 in all!

Animal Control is limited by the number of dogs they can carry on their truck at one time. This situation required multiple trips.

My recollection is that four of the dogs escaped and had to be collected on the street. Because we were on a circle, the dogs were essentially boxed in, and we were able to collect all the escapees. Animal Control was given permission to come back to the property and gain the last of the dogs.

My understanding is that the owners of the dogs never retrieved them.

Over the years I have carried pet food with me, as well as dog leashes, and other things I might need in these unfortunate, unforeseen circumstances.

— Ed Malles