As you drive around town you will notice that Kyle’s signs say “KEEP”. That is because he is only the incumbent due to having been appointed JP. He was appointed JP because Judge Ash retired early. This gave Kyle an unfair advantage. This is the SECOND time he’s been appointed JP. The first time he was appointed “in secret,” quoting one of his family members. The phrase “in secret” means the first time he was appointed there was no public application process. He was simply given the job in 2012 by Don Stapley because they knew each other, and because Kyle needed a job and a retirement. Being the JP for seven months probably came close to doubling his future elected official’s retirement. He had been a Mesa City Councilman, but the salaries are low because it’s a public service to our community.

One of the dirty little secrets of politics is that a lot of city councilmen and legislators run for JP at the end of their careers simply to inflate their retirement salaries. The elected official’s retirement program has since been changed because it became so bloated. Now, to be fair, I do know a lot of former councilmen and legislators really embraced the job after they became Justices of the Peace.

Back then…

Kyle had been running for JP in 2012 but got scared when Cecil Ash jumped into the race. He then turned around and told me he was going to run against me for constable, saying, “I need a job and a retirement.” He jumped back into the JP race after an attorney friend of mine told him that none of the attorneys in the East Valley would support him for constable because they liked me. Then, in a deal “reportedly” made between Don Stapley and Kyle, he was finally appointed JP for seven months, agreeing to withdraw from the JP race.

I say “reportedly” because I’ve been told this, time after time, by people in the know. I can’t prove it, of course. All I know for sure is that Cecil Ash retired early in 2019, and Kyle got appointed for a second time. Just recently Cecil Ash told me he’s endorsing Kyle because I published a quote from a letter Judge Ash wrote, on my behalf, on Maricopa County letterhead, while he was still in office, addressed “To whom it may concern.” In my judgment, that’s a public record. Honestly, I think Cecil Ash feels he owes Kyle because Kyle made way for him in 2012, which is sad because Kyle has proven to be an uninspiring JP.

I’m really proud of what Judge Ash wrote: “Over time I have come to trust, that no matter the circumstances, Ed would always handle the situation carefully, and with deference to all parties involved.” That was written on his last day in office, August 30th, 2019. You can’t take back the truth!

This whole thing makes me sad because I really like Judge Ash, he was a fantastic JP. I thought he’d been “grooming” me all along to be the JP. I hope that he avails himself to me if I am fortunate enough to be chosen YOUR JP.

Can’t stop now!

In 1992, I first ran for JP. I was in a three-way race against Russell Pearce, the incumbent, and Bob Goodman, the brother of Gail Goodman, an immensely respected JP who had passed away. After running for a month I KNEW, for a fact, I would not win BUT NEVER CHICKENED OUT. I did not withdraw, coming in second, ten percentage points behind. Russell Pearce was impressed by my work ethic, and has been a supporter ever since! Bob Goodman, a gentleman in his own right, sadly has passed away!

On my original campaign flyer from 1992, I wrote: “The J.P. position must also remain free of the political patronage it has recently experienced.” I then went on to talk about how five Justices of the Peace were appointed in the last year. I further stated: “In each case, the person appointed was either a politician or the immediate relative of a politician. This is wrong, and it’s our turn to choose.” Kyle was a Mesa City Councilman years ago. As he said to me in 2012: “I need a job and a retirement.”

When I drive by Kyle’s campaign signs and see the word “KEEP.” what runs through my mind is that he wants to keep his job. I, on the other hand, want to keep serving the public, as I have a servant’s heart.

My campaign signs say “Re-Elect Ed Malles to the North Mesa Justice Court, NOW as Justice of the Peace.” I’ve worked hard to be able to say “Re-Elect”, and I’m proud of that! I’ve served five terms in office; twenty years. I’ve run seven previous times, losing twice. I’ve worked hard to campaign many times throughout my precinct on my mountain bike, getting to know my constituents, and them me.

I don’t want to keep a job, I want to continue a career of service to this community. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have run eight times in the last 28 years.

That’s the difference between “KEEP” and “RE-Elect!”

— Ed Malles